Importance of Zeolite Conference:

Zeolite is considered as a strategic inorganic polymer, which is widely used in various industries. In fact, according to diverse industrial applications, zeolite covers almost all engineering fields and, to some extent, medical sciences, and  consequently is regarded as a magic ingredient in the industry. Considering these descriptions and also the existence of high contents of zeolites with good quality in our country, the efficiency of this important mineral in many fields can be conspicuous and impressive.

Therefore, holding specialized conferences is indispensable to provide a basis for the use of natural zeolites and the preparation of synthetic zeolites (aluminosilicates and different types of metallosilicates such as ferrisilicate, chromosilicate, manganosilicate and etc.) on a laboratory scale or mass production in the near future. This conference brings together academic and industry specialists who are interested in the science and technology of zeolite and porous materials. The scientific program of the conference covers various fields of zeolite science and industry, with a special focus on nanotechnology, its characterization and new applications.

We hope a time comes that the industry's requirements for zeolite are met through the announcement of the industry's needs to the zeolite researchers of the country, in addition to the developing of the country in the field of zeolite -based catalysts, photocatalysts and adsorbents.